Monday, 21 January 2013

My time.

January '13.

1. Arts Council Award for Research and Development into 'Being Dominic from Luton' from 22 January to 12 April at Departure Lounge, King Street, Luton. Big studio. Big idea's. An old bank.

2. 'Modern Cadaver' at Fort, London. Alana Lake presents / curates. A bonkers show awaits. Thoughts from the 'in your face turn' to the silent scream. The latter prevail. *more than one weaponary in one's arsenal. Dumb dumb it down. Cough, spit. Then more tattoo's. 

3. Tattooing (dead) rats at Into You. Duncan X & Dominic from Luton collaborate. Killed ethically via a taxidermist. So don't come looking.

4. Flags, more of, hand embroidered. In oak. Big statements in black on black. Needle, thread, tube, thread, slight of beautiful hand.

5. Norwich (away) this coming Saturday. Scarf.

6. Maggie in burberry. Fitted for yours truly. On-its-way.

7. Transatlantic dreams come true. I'm curating a project involving the very fabulous Laura White, Peter Lamb and Gavin Turk with Kling & Bang in Reykjavik this July until August. Collaborate.

8. I pick up my half a season season ticket for Luton Town tomorrow. £100 not £400.

9. Eric Rosoman and the Great Central in Leicester want me. A solo later this year (excellent). 

10. A lot of artwork isn't working.

11. Stuff around me is the work. 

12. It's all in the iPhone. 

13. Aid & Abet in the Autumn. A one-dayer. Mic and pa plus Luton van. Impact. Performance. Artists. Documented. Gone.

14. Watch these spaces.