Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Being Dominic from Luton

Being Dominic from Luton
Arts Council England supported Research & Development 
21 January - 13 April 2013
Departure Lounge
King Street

1. Commission four artists to undertake research & development (resulting in artwork; text, audio, live art) about Luton in Luton, resulting in a living archive and presentation at Departure Lounge in April 2013.

2. Commissioned artists:
S Mark Gubb
David Kefford
Nicola Naismith
Damien Good.

3. Invite Sarfraz Manzoor (writer, broadcaster, fellow Lutonian) to discuss, dissect and present BBC commissioned documentary, 'Luton, Actually' at Departure Lounge, March 2013.

4. Work with SNAP (social needs awareness project) to re-produce murals about Luton in Luton. Collaboration.

5. Work with BCA, Bedford. Cafe Alamanac, 23rd February. Artists talks about locality, artists local to Bedfordshire. Place / home. Aaron Head, Andy Holden, me. Me as Paul Young from Luton in rare live appearance. Venue - Studio One Social Club, Alexandra Road. Big hair, big balloons. 

6. Andrew Hunt of Focal Point Gallery to chair panel discussion at Departure Lounge, Saturday 6 April at 1pm around the ACE research & development undertaken in my studio here. Artist talks. Research findings, Luton; Luton post-Vauxhall, London-Luton, Kenilworth Road (a town reflecting it's football club-reflecting it's town). Being Britain's 2nd biggest town. The problem being Luton. Poundland galore. Why did Hamley's leave?

7. University of Bedfordshire. Engagement. Undergraduate & Post-graduate. What's the future for the visual arts here? Where are the opportunitie's? How can we create them? And legacies. Start now.

8. Caroline Wallace / Luton Culture. Ongoing disicussions. Artist Network Bedfordshire at Departure Lounge. My studio.

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